• And the family devoured its men | Al aa’ila al lati ibtalaat rijaluha 2020 – view details
  • The frightened | Al khaifoun 2017 – view details
  • The chair | Al kursi 2009
  • Details | Tafasil 2007


Dima Wannous is a Syrian author born in 1982. A student of French literature and translation at the University of Damascus and the French Sorbonne, she wrote in multiple Arab (Al Safir, Al Hayat) and foreign (Washington Post) newspapers. She managed the cultural section of the electronic magazine “Modon” between 2012-2014, and currently prepares and presents a cultural television show.




  • The frightened (2017)
Signatuur, A.W. Bruna (2018, Netherlands)
Blessing, Random House (2018, Germany)
Baldini & Castoldi (2018, Italy)
Norstedts (2018, Sweden)
Mevsimler (2018, Turkey)
Prozart (2019, Macedonia)
Sonia Draga (2019, Poland)
Gallimard (2019, France)
Editorial Sitara (2019, Spain)
Harvill Secker, Penguin Random House (2020, UK)
Knopf (2020, USA)
Solum (to appear, Norway)
  • Details (2007)

Nautilius (2015, Germany)

  • And the family devoured its men (2020)

Editora Tabla (to appear, Brazil)


[Updated March 2021]

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