• Innocence | Bakara 2016 – view details
  • Awatef’s visitors | Awatef wa zuwaruha 2013
  • Smile! You are in Tunisia | Nisa’ al basatin 2010view details
  • The scent of Marie-Claire | Ra’ihat Marie-Claire (2008)
  • Abdallah’s secrets (2005)
  • Bahia’s lovers | Oushaq Bahia (2002)
  • The stranger’s night (1999)
  • The mount of the goat (1988)
  • The sand maze (1994)
  • The photo of the dead bedouin (1990).



Habib Selmi was born in Tunis in 1951. A graduate of Arabic literature, from the Sorbonne University, he currently lives in Paris, where he teaches and writes for the press.


  • Innocence

Actes Sud (2019, France)

  • Smile! You are in Tunisia

Actes Sud (2013, France)
Lenos (2013, Germany)
Green books (2018, Malayalam / India)

  • The scent of Marie-Claire

Actes Sud (2011, France)
AUC (2009, English / Egypt)
Arabia Books, Haus (2010, English / UK)
Lenos (2013, Germany)
Mesogea (2013, Italy).

  • Bahia’s lovers
Lenos (2006, Germany)
Actes Sud (2011, France)

  • The stranger’s night

Actes Sud (2008, France).

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