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[30 Jul 2013 | No Comment | 191 views]
Al Ahram English reviews Khalifa’s “There are no knives”

Syrian novelist Khaled Khalifa continues in his new novel No Knives in this City’s Kitchens what he begun in his previous masterpiece, In Praise of Hatred (2006) — excavating contemporary Syrian society’s memory.

He starts from what one family has gone through in Aleppo, which he describes as the punished city, while In Praise of Hatred focused on the distortions made by death squads or the “Party Action Squads” in the psyches of its members during the events in Hama in the 1980s. The novel explores the price paid by Syrians for living parallel to the life of the ruling party for near half a century.

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[1 Jul 2013 | 2 Comments | 580 views]
Khaled Khalifa’s “There are no knives in the kitchens of the city”

The 260 pages novel details life under the Asad regime, in the period spanning from the early 60’s, to 2005.