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[30 Sep 2014 | No Comment | 370 views]
Il Fatto Quotidiano, on Mustafa Khalifa’s The Shell: “An essential reading”

It is an essential reading because it shows that historical truth is not considered in today’s debate on Syria. Torture, summary executions, imprisonment of women, men and children in Syrian prisons has been the basis of power of the Assad family

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[25 Mar 2014 | No Comment | 283 views]
Mostafa Khalifa’s “The Shell”

RAYA is proud to represent Mostafa Khalifa’s “The shell”, a narrative and literary non fiction story of a man who was unjustly, and without a trial, jailed for 12 years in Syria.

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[16 Jan 2014 | No Comment | 220 views]
An excerpt from Mostafa Khalifa’s “The shell” featured in Asymptote

Mental writing is a technique developed by the Islamists. One of them would memorize more than ten thousand names, names of prisoners who had entered the desert prison, names of their families, the cities and villages they came from, dates they were arrested, their sentences, their fates…

When I decided to keep these diaries, I tried to train my mind. I transformed it into a cassette tape, on which I recorded everything I saw, and some of what I heard. Now, I am playing back some of what that tape contains.