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[6 Sep 2022 | No Comment | 57 views]
Samar Yazbek, “The wind’s abode”

With this poignant story, Yazbek writes about the magnificence and the cruelty of life, the destruction of worldly beauty and kindness,  but also its resilience, and the elevation of the soul. Here, Yazbek goes back to one of her favorite topics: the transformation of the underprivileged rural communities of Syria, but also their unique relationship to nature and its elements.

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[6 Sep 2022 | No Comment | 24 views]
Khalil Al Rez, “A sleepless giraffe in Damascus”

The narrator, a zoo keeper, his girlfriend Nonna, and the giraffe (by far the zoo’s most popular figure), form a strange, yet happy family. This is their story, unfolding in the margins of the brutal Syrian war. Until violence can no longer be escaped.

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[6 Sep 2022 | No Comment | 30 views]
Khaled Alesmael, “Selamlik”

Depicted as a story of curiosity and lust in the German press, Selamlik, autobiographic novel, tells the journey of Furat from his home in Syria, to Sweden, via Turkey. A surprising bitter-sweet homo-erotic tale.

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[6 Sep 2022 | No Comment | 25 views]

Review by Joseph Croitoru for Frankfurter Allgemeine, 2 May 2022
When dreams go away: Khaled Khalifa recounts the recent history of Aleppo in his novel “No One prayed at their graves”.
Some works of fiction, even if not necessarily the author’s intention, can take on astonishing poignancy over time. Such is the case with Syrian author Khaled Khalifa’s latest novel, “No One Prayed at their Graves,” originally published in 2019, which evokes a forgotten era in Aleppo’s history and is now available in German in an excellent translation by Larissa Bender.

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[12 Dec 2021 | No Comment | 109 views]
The Epoch of Human Shame: An Interview with Samar Yazbek

Interview by Will Forrester for PEN Transmissions, December 8, 2021
I think that if I could go back to those days, I would do the same thing all over again. I never regret going back to Syria – being there at the frontline, and in the middle of the war – nor do I regret leaving.I always tried to stay alive, but with my personal condition I had to do what needed to be done, despite the fear. By that token, in returning and sharing in death and people’s pain, through my …

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[7 Oct 2021 | No Comment | 99 views]
Samar Yazbek is a finalist to the National Book Award!

Samar Yazbek‘s novel “Planet of clay” (also known as The blue pen) is a finalist to the National Book Award, and is competing with 4 other titles in the translated fiction category!
Planet of clay was in the third and final selection of the French Femina award in 2018.