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[24 Nov 2023 | No Comment | 10 views]
Elias Khoury shares his thoughts about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

An interview with Elias Khoury published in L’Humanité, November 9, 2023
The great Lebanese writer Elias Khoury just published Stella Maris, a vast epic on Palestine. He shares his thoughts on hot news of an Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
In Stella Maris (Actes Sud), Elias Khoury explores identity, memory, voluntary amnesia, betrayal and the relationships between the Shoah and the Nakba. Currently editor-in-chief of the Arabic edition of the Review Palestinian studies, Elias Khoury, Lebanese citizen (born in Beirut in 1948), decided, in the 1960s, to become a member of Fatah, then the largest …

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[17 Nov 2023 | No Comment | 4 views]
Elias Khoury presents the French version of ‘Stella Maris’

Elias Khoury, author of “Stella Maris”, published at Actes Sud, talks about his book.
Listen to him here

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[13 Jul 2023 | No Comment | 11 views]

Khaled Khalifa, in an interview with Michael Safi for The Guardian, July 1, 2023 about his new book, ‘No One Prayed Over Their Graves’
The award-winning Syrian novelist on Aleppo, the city of his ‘soul’, his fascination with the late 19th century, and his youthful introduction to Chekhov.
While Khalifa was writing his new book, No One Prayed Over Their Graves, Aleppo was comprehensively destroyed in fighting between the Syrian government and rebels. His work is banned in Syria.

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[21 Mar 2023 | No Comment | 47 views]
Khaled Khalifa on the act of reading under a dictatorship, for La Croix

Khaled Khalifa, in an interview with Marianne Meunier for La Croix, March 10, 2023
Originally from Aleppo, Khaled Khalifa lives in Damascus, which he never wanted to leave despite the conflict. He reads there alone, saddened to no longer be able to discuss his reading with his relatives, most of whom have left.

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[6 Mar 2023 | No Comment | 20 views]
The Wind’s Abode on France 5

Samar Yazbek’s book “The Wind’s abode”, published by Stock presented in ‘C’est ce soir’ on France 5.
Listen to the presentation here

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[6 Mar 2023 | No Comment | 16 views]
Samar Yazbek presents ‘The Wind’s Abode’ on TV5

Samar Yazbek, author of “The Wind’s Abode”, published at Éditions Stock, was invited at “Maghreb-Orient Express” show on TV5 to talk about her book.
Listen to the interview here