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Orange blossoms and spurs of violence – a review of Douaihy’s “American Neighborhood”

This is a review of Douaihy’s latest nove by Claire Mazaleyrat, published on the blog “L’avis des livres”, September 6th, 2015.
“At a time when the decline of the city, and the ancient ties that ordered its social hierarchies are crumbling along streets fallen in decrepitude, past allegiances mark the end of a world. It is in this context that the reader follows the path of the novel’s characters, torn between family loyalties and the call of new sirens.”

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Leading writers respond to the refugee crisis in The Guardian – read Yazbek’s contribution

This collection of texts was commissioned and published by The Guardian, on September 12th 2015. Photo credit: Ed Alcock, MYOP Diffusion, The Guardian,
The refugee crisis, though long in the news, has suddenly captured the world’s attention. But what are the underlying causes, and what should individuals and governments do to help? Samar Yazbek responded (below) – along with Orhan Pamuk, Arundhati Roy, Elif Shafak, Ahdaf Soueif, Pankaj Mishra,

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[6 Sep 2015 | No Comment | 99 views]
Le vif l’express, Belgium reviews Douaihy’s “American neighborhood”: “There is no inevitability to fanaticism and redemption is possible.”

Published by Le vif l’express, August 28th, 2015
The tale Lebanese writer Jabbour Douaihy writes in in The American neighborhood is not yet home to the tensions between Sunnis and Shiites that it will become after being contaminated by the Syrian conflict. But the rise of radical Islamism, which is the book’s backbone, is already an important sign.

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The Spanish literary magazine Detour reviews Douaihy’s “June rain”

Oscar Brox, for Detour, July 2015.
Approximate translation!
Back to the past, to follow the traces of time, and collect the voices of other lives. Memory has some frustrating puzzles the pieces of which refuse to fit. However many documents we collect, testimonies and details to provide their nuances, the past is never lived again with the same intensity…

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