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[17 Nov 2023 | No Comment | 4 views]
Elias Khoury presents the French version of ‘Stella Maris’

Elias Khoury, author of “Stella Maris”, published at Actes Sud, talks about his book.
Listen to him here

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[17 Nov 2023 | No Comment | 4 views]
Elias Khoury Stella Maris: a lyrical and melancholic Palestinian epic

A review by Sébastien Lapaque for Le Figaro, published in October 2023
In French, Adam is a four-letter first name. In the translation of Elias Khoury’s novel, he is made of flesh and blood, clay and divine breath. Adam. Such is the name of “Stella Maris“‘s main protagonist, born in 1948 in Haifa, the capital of northern Israel, a city located both at the foot and on the slopes of Mount Carmel, which is home to a large community of Palestinian Arabs alongside the Jewish population.

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[15 Nov 2023 | No Comment | 10 views]
“Afterwords” – For Gaza’s children – a poem by Sinan Antoon

A poem by Sinan Antoon, published in Al-quds, 21 October 2023, and in its English translation by Sinan Antoon, published by Words Without Borders on November 14th 2023
[For Gaza’s children]

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[2 Nov 2023 | No Comment | 13 views]
RAYA agency receives the “Sharjah Rights Connection Award 2023”, agency category

Tuesday October 31st was the wrap up of the Sharjah International Book Fair fellowship program, which is held ahead of the book fair.

I’ve come so many times to this fellowship, I stopped counting. I’ve seen it grow over the years, to become probably one of the most important professional programs in the world, where this year, over 700 publishing professionals met, discussed, exchanged books and ideas, for three days.