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“I’d like a copy of this book!”

If you’re writing because you’d like to find a copy of a title in Arabic, please note that we do not sell books, but can recommend you try finding them on Jamalon or Neel wa furat online stores.


“I am an author and would love you to represent me!”

If you are an author seeking representation, please include in the form below the following information:

  • Your full name
  •  The title of the book you would like us to consider in priority
  • The name of the publisher, country of publication, date of publication, number of pages
  • Up to a 500 words long summary of the work
  • A short biography can help


  • If your manuscript was not published yet, please mention it. We usually only take published works, but do consider unpublished ones.
  • If you have not written your book in Arabic, please mention. We usually focus on Arabic, and Arabic remains the priority, but we might consider books written in English or French.

Please note that:

  • Agents are necessarily selective and take only books they feel they can defend. That is: books that fit their tastes, or correspond to what they feel is their editorial line.
  • We are not a publisher.


Contact us



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