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  • Terrorist no.20 | Al-irhabi 20 (2006) – view details
  • The face of the sleeper | Wajh al na’em (2011)


Abdullah Thabit is born in 1973, in Assir, in the South of Saudi Arabia. He achieved studies in Arabic literature and political science. He is a journalist in the Al Watan Saudi daily, and a poet. Abdullah Thabit is the author of several poetry collections. Terrorist no. 20 is his first novel.

In the press

“Terrorist no.20… is a good example of what could produce a bitter and straightforward Saoudi literature, still not translated enough.” — (Gilles Paris, Le Monde, 02-2010)

“Thabit, who has come a long way, offers us a fascinating story full of wisdom and poetry”–
(Tristan Savin, Lire, 03.2010)

“Going over the story of a thirty year old Saoudi who resembles the 19 terrorists of September 11, the author questions his own story and the djihadists’ motivations.”– (La Croix, 01.2010)

“An apprenticeship novel – of the worse”– (Muriel Steinmetz, L’Humanité, 03.2010)

“In this very autobiographic novel, a Saoudi citizen exposes how we could have been the twentieth hijacker.”– (Pierre Prier, Le Figaro, 04.2010)

“There is a lot of Abdullah in Zahi, who, like his creator, is reborn as an liberal intelelctual. Abdullah Thabit wants to make an exampe out of him: “This is the novel of a generation, he confirms. I wanted to show how so many Saudis have fallen into terrorism.”– (Pierre Prier, Le Figaro, 2008)

You can watch an interview by the author on clicking this link.



  • Terrorist no.20 
Actes Sud, Sindbad (2009, France)
Minuskel (2011, Norway)


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