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Born in Beirut, raised in London, educated in Tokyo and Los Angeles, Meedo Taha has been around. He earned a PhD in Architecture from the University of Tokyo and worked on projects across Europe and the Middle East. He followed that with an MFA in Film Directing from UCLA, minting his transition from building to filmmaking.

A road to Damascus is his first novel.

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“A road to Damascus”

“A botany professor in pursuit of a rare Acacia along the road between Beirut and Damascus witnesses the massacre of seven people on a bus and hears the last words of one of the victims; a young man he collided into earlier that day. Thus begins the mystery of who the young man was, why he had a telescope pointed into the professor’s apartment, how the professor’s hometown fits into the young man’s familial history, and who orchestrated the killings, which also took the life of a respected government official. Taha’s home country of Lebanon sets the war-torn landscape as family secrets and hidden treasures open to the professor and his girlfriend while they trace the young victim’s life story. There’s a Hitchcockian tension as each peeled layer of history is carefully revealed, so it comes as no surprise that Taha is a student of film, nor that the novel is in development for a movie. In between twists in the mystery there are delectable moments of banter and conversation between the two protagonists. Taha’s novel is a welcome revelation in the mode of Salman Rushdie’s literary history-rich tales, though it is more straightforward. In all, a beautiful tale of loss, love, and the decisions that shape us.” — Booklist (starred review), 2018 


  • A road to Damascus (2018)

Tamyras (French, Lebanon, 2016)

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