Najla Jraissaty Khoury  was born in Beirut in 1949. Her work is marked by her interest education, children literature and folk tales. She worked in alphabetizing illetrate adults in the 1970s, and in training pre-school children teachers in the early 1980s. She created and directed a theater and puppet troupe in 1979, invented educational toys in 1984, and co-founded the first network of public libraries  in 1997.

Some titles

Pearls on a branch | Hikayat wa hikayatview details
Rhymes and rhymes | Eediyat wa eediyat | Dar Onboz and Assabil, 2009
Rhymes and drawings | Eediyat maa al rousoumat | Dar Onboz and Assabil, 2009
The tree of heaven | Shajarat al sama | Asala, 2011
Fly o bird fly | Tir ya teyr | Dar Onboz, 2013




  • Pearls on a Branch (2014)

Archipelago (2018, USA)
Sindbad, Actes Sud (2019, France)

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