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Some achieve greatness | Jawaez lil abtal  (2019) – view details


Ahmed Awny was born in Cairo, in 1988. He studied Mechanical Engineering and Creative Writing at The American University in Cairo. Currently, he lives between Cairo and Berlin, working as a freelance editor, and his second novel “In the factory of men” is set to be published in Jan 2022.

In the press

“The novel one of its “Top 10 Books of 2019 from the Arab World” — (Aljazeera news)

Some Achieve Greatness, Ahmad Awny’s first novel, was the surprise of the year by far. It does the novel a disservice to say it is just a novel about the revolution. It’s much more than that. […] The most important thing about the novel for me is that it’s a fun book, even though it picks over old wounds, or maybe that’s what made it a fun book: it picks over old wounds cleverly and earnestly. As soon as I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down...” — (Belal Fadl, Al-araby news)

Rights sold

RAYA represents world rights of this title.

Textofilia (Spanish, Mexico, to appear)

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