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Born in 1977, Mhani Alaoui is a Casablanca-based writer. She lived in the US for twelve years, where she studied literature, the recent history and cultures of the Arab world, and obtained a PhD in anthropology from Princeton University. She has since moved back to Casablanca, left her job as research director at the Foundation of one of Morocco’s largest corporations, and devoted her time to writing. She currently lives in Casablanca, Morocco, with her husband and two young sons.

Dreams of Maryam Tair: Blue boots and orange blossom, is her first novel.

In the press


“Dreams of Maryam Tair”

 “Seamlessly interweaves ancient stories with a sprawling family saga.” — Foreword Magazine

“The author laces together legend and myth, epic and quest, realism, fantasy into a complex novel, rich with meanings… everywhere the writing sings of the literary talents and acuity of its author. Hers is a new voice to listen out for.” — The Washington Times 

“A multicultural fantasy novel with broad appeal. An inspiring work of magic realism.” — The Odyssey


  • Dreams of Maryam Tair: Blue boots and orange blossoms (2015)

Arab Scientific Publishers (Lebanon, to appear)
Skyscraper (UK)

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