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SAID Makkawi

Makkawi SAID

Makkawi Said is born in Cairo, Egypt, in 1955. Today manager of the Al Dar publishing house, he started his career writing scenarios for documentaries and short films. His novel, The swan’s last song which was selected in the short list of the 2008 IPAF was edited more than 5 times.

Represented titles

The swan’s last song | Taghridat al-Bajaa | 2007- view details

Other novels by the author

Racing after lights | al Rakd wara’ al daou’ (short stories) | 1981
The back-seat passenger | Rakibat al-maqaad al-khalfi (short stories) | 2001
A romantic state | Hala romansiya (short stories) | 1992

The ship’s mice | Firan al safina | 1991

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