Sisi the clips

| Sisi malaqet
Author: Rania Zghir
Illustrator: Hiba Farran
Al khayyat al saghir, Lebanon, Beirut, 2009, 20 pages



“What shall you put on today? Sisi the clips wears a sheep and two worms!” starts the story.

It’s winter, and a stormy, wet weather. Sisi the clips wraps herself in a sheep, wears a camel on her head, and a rubber tree to her feet.

It’s spring, the air is warm and refreshing, there are just a few clouds in the sky. Sisi the clips wears a cotton plant, wraps two silkworms around her neck, and puts sugar canes on her head.

It’s summer and hot weather, with a burning sun. Sisi the clips takes a goose in her hand, and wears a snake in her feet.

It’s automn now, and a changing weather from cold to warm, rainy to clear. Sisi the clips wraps herself in a sheep, puts a camel on her head and a rubber tree to one of her feet. She also wears a cotton plant, wraps two silkworms to her neck, puts sugar canes on her head, holds a goose in her hand and a snake to her other foot.

But when Sisi decided to go to the cinema, she just couldn’t. The sheep wanted to go to the farm, the camel to the desert, and the rubber tree to the garden. As for the cotton plant, well, it wanted to head back to the fields, as the silkworms to the tree, the sugar canes to the valley, the goose to the river and the snake to the forest.

What shall Sisi the clips do? She thought about it, an headed to the factory. A little while later…

Maaa said the sweater
Aaaa said the hat
Ttttt said the boots
Heffff said the t-shirt
Tik tik tik said the scarf
Khishhhh said the straw hat
Wak wak wak said the fan
Sssss said the sandals

Sisi finally headed to the cinema in her new attire, and before entering the theater, she got herself a corn field, an orange grove and a water spring! dic

The original story by Rania Zghir of this slightly oblivious little girl, and its highly colorful – and quite literal – illustrations, is one of its kind! Reminding us what clothes and necessary accessories are originally made of, this little story puts Sisi the clips in amusing (and unheard of) situations.


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