AL-BARGHOUTI HusseinBorn in a small town near Ramallah in 1954, Barghouti obtained a PhD in comparative literature from the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. Back in Palestine in the mid- 90’s, he becomes a professor at the university of Birzeit, and creates in 1998, in Ramallah, “The house of poetry”.

Barghouti’s writing is very diverse. He wrote critical essays, novels, poetry collections; he achieved a beautiful Arabic translation of “Romeo and Juliette”; he wrote and directed a play, and just before the present work, published post-mortem, he wrote “The blue light” that tells the story of his student years in the USA. “The blue light” was published by Sindbad, France.

The author passed away in 2002.

Represented titles

I will be among the almond trees | Sa akoun bayn al-lawzview details

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