Abisamra Mohammad

Mohammad Abisamra was born in Shabaa, southern Lebanon, in 1953, and moved to Beirut in the early 1960’s.

He pursued studies in sociology and culture at the Lebanese University of Beirut, and obtained a PhD in cultural sociology in the mid 1980’s, in Lyon.

He works in teaching and cultural journalism and is the author of several articles and studies, as well as of three other works: “Pauline and her ghosts” (1990), “The pictures’ inhabitants” (2003), “Casablanca-Beirut-Kurdistan: Countries of humiliation and fear” (2004).

Mohammad Abisamra was a guest of honor at ‘Les Belles étrangères’, Paris, 2007 edition.

Represented titles

The precedent man | al-Rajol al-Sabeqview details

Some translated novels by the author

L’Homme que je fus | al-Rajol al-Sabeq | translated by Frank Mermier – Sindbad, Actes Sud – Paris -2007

Other novels by the author

Pauline and her ghosts | Pauline wa atyafouha | -Beirut -Lebanon -1990
The pictures’ inhabitants | Soukkan as-souwar | -Beirut -Lebanon -2003

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