Mostafa Khalifa was born in 1948 in Syria. He starts a degree of law in 1973. Pursued by the secret services starting 1977, he goes underground. Arrested in 1981, he spends 13 years in prison. Freed in 1994, he finally graduates in 1997. He is forced to leave the country in 2005. He now lives in France.


Some titles

The Shell | Al Qawqaaview details



Actes Sud, Sindbad (2007, France)
Ilimyurdu (2009, Turkey)
Lit Edizioni (2014, Italy)
Interlink (2016, USA)
Ediciones del oriente y del mediterraneo (2017, Spain)
Weidle (2019, Germany)
H. Aschehoug (2019, Norway)
Jurgen Maas (to appear, The Netherlands)

Cinema adaptation rights sold to Fiyaka.

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