• Poison in the air | Summon fi al hawa’ 2021 – view details
  • The King of India | Malak al hind 2019 – view details
  • Printed in Beirut | Toubi’a fi bayrut 2016 – view details
  • American Neighborhood | Hayy Al Amerkan 2013 – view details
  • Chased away | Charid al-manazel 2010 – view details
  • June rain | Matar Hzayran 2006 – view details
  • Ayn Warda (Rose Fountain) | Ayn Warda 2002 – view details
  • Rayya-of-the-river | Rayya an-nahr 1998
  • Automn Equinox | Iitidal al-kharif 1995




Jabbour al-Douaihy (1949-2021) was born in Zgharta, a town of north Lebanon. He achieved his doctoral studies in literature in France, and was a professor of French literature at the Lebanese University of Tripoli.

He translated several works into Arabic, and has written a collection of short stories and two other novels.

Douaihy’s ‘June rain’ was among the six finalists for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction, or Arab Man Booker Prize, held at Abu Dhabi in March 2008.

In the press


“June Rain”

“Jabbour Douaihy builds a powerful and complex novel with several voices, artfully weaving childhood memories and an adult’s investigation” — (Le Canard Enchaîné, 2010)

“Choral and black, Jabbour Douaihy’s novel with its multiple voices, is one of the beautiful surprises of the season” — (La Repubblica Della Donne, 2010)

“A powerful portrait of identity and division in Lebanon” — (The New Arab, 2020)

“Printed in Beirut”

“A fake thriller, but a real comedy”, “Elegant” and “far from stereotypes” — (Le Monde, 2018)

“Exquisite irony” — (Midwest review of books, 2018)

“Scathing comedy of many errors” — (Booklist, 2018)

“American neighborhood”

“Extreme beauty” — (Le Monde des livres, 2015)

“Brisk and affecting novel” — (Kirkus, 2018)

 “One must absolutely read this book, imbued with intelligence and humanity” — (Mediapart / En attendant Nadeau, 2016)

“The strength of the book lies in the author’s acute gaze at these characters” — (L’Humanité, 2015)

“Sharp and beautiful” — (Transfuge, 2015)

Ayn Warda”

“Jabbour Douaihy offers us a novel both funny and bitter, full of delightful encounters… Drama regularly turns into a cruel joke”– (Robert Solé, Le Monde, 2009)

 “Rose Fountain Motel is an admirably well built and beautifully written narrative. A sentimental novel, burlesque and tragic” — (Johanna Luysen, Le Figaro, 2009)

 “His characters and scenes alike are depicted with a sense of humor sometimes incisive; a reminder of the neorealist Italian cinema” — (Agnes Rotivel, La Croix, 2009)



  • Poison in the air (2021)

Actes Sud,  (to appear, France)
Interlink (to appear, USA)

  • The King of India (2019)

Actes Sud, Sindbad (2021, France)
Interlink (2022, USA)

  • Printed in Beirut (2016)
Actes Sud, Sindbad (2016, France)
Interlink (2018, USA)
Nora Druk (2020, Ukraine)
Brioschi (2021, Italy)


  • American neighborhood (2013)
Actes Sud, Sindbad (2015, France)
Interlink (2018, USA)
Prozart (2019, Macedonia)


  • Chased away (2010) 

Feltrinelli (2012, Italy)
Actes Sud, Sindbad (2013, France)

  • June rain (2006) 
Actes Sud, Sindbad (2010, France)
Feltrinelli (2010, Italy)
Hanser (2013, Germany)
Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation (2014, English)
Turner (2015, Spanish)
Prozart (2018, Macedonia)
Interlink (2019, USA)


  • Ayn Warda (2002)

Actes Sud, Sindbad (2010, France)


[Updated September 2022]

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