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[26 Sep 2016 | No Comment | 51 views]
Jabbour Douaihy “Printed in Beirut”

Through Farid Abou Chaar’s desperate attempt to get published in Beirut, a humorous story about the end of this industry. 

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[26 Sep 2016 | No Comment | 35 views]
Habib Selmi “Smile, you are in Tunisia!”

A refreshing and intimate look into Tunisia’s recent social transformation. Selmi’s subtle and modern writing provides a sharp insight into human nature.

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[26 Sep 2016 | No Comment | 67 views]
Sinan Antoon’s “Index”

Index is without a doubt a literary achievement. The novel explores the limits of literature, and the impossibility for words and for any narrative to convey the extent of the destruction and the feeling of loss.

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[24 Feb 2016 | No Comment | 176 views]
Khaled Khalifa’s “Death is hard work”

Belbol’s father just passed away in a Damascus hospital. His last request to his son was to be burried in his hometown of Aannabiya, in the province of Aleppo.