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“Great simplicity and a subtle dose of humor that Selmi slips into seeminly innocuous words” – DNA reviews Selmi’s “Innocence”

Selmi-Innocence-Smaller-FRA review by Christine Zimmer, for DNA, France, 2019

How is a rumor born, what feeds it? Why? To what end? What becomes of the rumor’s victims? Can we find the source of a rumor? How to react when the rumor strikes you fully and hits you in the most intimate parts of your life? Habib Selmi tackles these questions
with great simplicity and a subtle dose of humor that he slips into seemingly innocuous words. His starting point is an ordinary life without frills, in a remote countryside, where people live near each other, and where people think they know this or that from each other’s lives, because, one way or another some things are said, and they transpire out of the walls


We see, or rather we do not see, but think we do, we speculate, deduce, and suddenly  a rumor runs through the village…
Habib Selmi, both funny and serious, approaches with humor and fine derision, a question of ethics: respect for others, their privacy, their private life and sexuality. He also explores the social fabric of this remote place…

Habib Selmi knows how to approach with finesse old customs anchored in society… Thoughts and reflexions run through the book. No lessons are given, and each one weaves her own narrative line. A lesson of freedom.


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