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Publishing Perspectives, Nasrallah’s The Second Dog War is about “loss of certainty; loss of trust”

Nasrallah - Harb el KalbBy Porter Anderson, for Publishing Perspectives [1], April 24th, 2018. Below an excerpt.

‘What We Could Become’

The book was first published in Arabic in 2016 by Lebanon-based Arab Scientific Publishers. Rights are represented by Raya Literary Agency. More information, including a sample translation, is available upon request here [2].

Nasrallah has said that his book is “a warning of what we could become in the future.”



The book starts at what he calls “the moment of a loss of certainty, that loss of trust in those whom you interact closely with–that neighbor, brother, father, or whoever it may be.

“The novel suggests that if we continue on our current path, we will reach a future where we would become mostly nihilistic.”

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