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[28 Jun 2014 | No Comment | 230 views]
Olivia Snaije interviews Mostafa Khalife for Publishing Perspectives

Prison is prolonged in life. I was released in 1994 and yet last night I woke up and thought I was still in prison.

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[11 Jun 2014 | No Comment | 117 views]
Rakha featured in The White Review: “Hoarseness: A legend of contemporary Cairo”

“With a grimy towel, another troll is making a show of wiping your windscreen so you’d have to hand over some coins while the traffic stalls. You blow your horn preemptively to tell him you’re not interested. And, as he spits on the tyre, shuffling menacingly before he moves on, you suddenly see how little ‘revolution’ has affected the ugliness that while not necessarily brought about, was definitely uncovered by Sadat.

You see it in the pollution and the garbage, the pointless and hopeless rush, the hawk- and leech-like behaviour of peddlers, the impossibly inconsiderate attitude of drivers to one another, the chaos, the deafening microphones playing bad shaabi and Quran, the ultimate paralysis of motion.

It’s ugliness that Mubarak – busy managing terrorists, then hogging the yield of slow privatisation à la crony capitalism – made no effort to control. But had he done, would it have made much difference?”