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[20 Feb 2013 | No Comment | 96 views]
“Thus spoke Che Nawwarah” by Rakha, at The Kenyon Review

“Fear not, gentle spy: I won’t tell you my life story. The important thing is that, like many Egyptians, I’ve spent years pretending to study at a place pretending to be a college that is, in fact, a temple Kafka might have imagined, where priests of social climbing hand out certificates of status to acolytes, granting passage. Totally fucked up. Either you join the mafia of the college-educated or you are cored for life—an apple, yes, to be consumed by the respectable. With the result that standards have been dropping steeply for sixty years, and not just standards of respectability. Like many cyber-activists, who are all dependent on their parents, I attended an expensive private school where I learned my English. Unlike them I’ve always enjoyed reading books in that language, in case you’re wondering how I know things that have nothing to do with either career or country.”

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[19 Feb 2013 | Comments Off on Yazbek’s Cinnamon in French! A first review | 305 views]

Baffling, poignant and disturbing, this novel will not leave you indifferent.