Two of RAYA’s titles on the IPAF2013 longlist

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The International Prize of Arabic Fiction (IPAF) also known as the Arab Booker has announced its long list. RAYA’s Ibrahim Nasrallah’s The King of Galilee, and Mohammad Hasan Alwan’s Beavers are on the list!

Complete list below:

Oh Mary, Sinan Antoon (Iraqi), Al-Jamal
Toya, Ashraf El-Ashmawi(Egyptian), Al-Dar al-Masriya al-Lubnaniya
The Kingdom of this Earth, Hoda Barakat (Lebanese), Dar al-Adab
I, She and Other Women, Jana Elhassan (Lebanese), Arab Scientific Publishers
Jaffa Prepares Morning Coffee, Anwar Hamed (Palestinian), The Arabic Insitute for Research and Publishing
The Beaver, Mohammed Hassan Alwan (Saudi Arabian), Dar al-Saqi
Our Master, Ibrahim Issa (Egyptian), Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation
The Birds of the Holiday Inn, Rabee Jaber (Lebanese), Dar al-Tanwir
Sinalkol, Elias Khoury (Lebanese), Dar al-Adab
Lolita’s Fingers, Waciny Laredj (Algerian), Dar al-Adab
The Return of the Sheikh, Mohammed Abdel Nabi (Egyptian), Rawafid
Lanterns of the King of Galilee, Ibrahim Nasrallah (Palestinian-Jordanian), Arab Scientific Publishers
The President’s Gardens, Muhsin al-Ramly (Iraqi), Thaqafa
The Bamboo Stick, Saud Alsanousi (Kuwaiti), Arab Scientific Publishers
His Excellency the Minister, Hussein Al-Wad (Tunisian), Dar al-Janub
The Goatherd, Amin Zaoui (Algerian), Al-Ikhtilef

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