Douaihy’s ‘Chased away’, recipient of the Lebanese Hanna Wakim Prize

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Douaihy’s Chased away was awarded the Hanna Wakim prize for his book ‘Chased away’ | Charid al manazel, published by Dar annahar in 2010. The novel was selected by students of 9 high schools, among 5 Lebanese novels.

The Hanna Wakim Foundation aims at providing financial support for education and promoting young Lebanese cultural achievements. Within this program, each year, the Hanna Wakim Foundation selects a jury of 5 students, and 5 teachers to mentor them, from several schools across Lebanon. Students are to read 5 books or more, selected by the Foundation, and comment them. At the end of the year, one book is chosen by the jury and awarded the Hanna Wakim Prize, consisting of 10,000 USD.

This year, 9 schools took part to the program, and the 5 following books were read and commented during meetings throughout the year:

Renée Hayek, A short life | Hayat qasira, Al markaz al thaqafi al arabi
Iman Hamdan, Other lives | Hayawat oukhra, Dar al rawi
Rabih Jaber, The druze of Belgrade | Dourouz Belgrade, Dar al adab
Sahar Mandour, 32, Dar al adab
Jabbour Douaihy, Chased away | Charid al manazel, Dar annahar

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