Beirut is getting ready for its 39!

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Beirut is getting ready for the 39 authors under 39 years old, selected in the context of the event organized by the Hay festival for Beirut World Book Capital 2009, a year which is coming to an end on April 22, 2010.

From Wednesday April 14th through Sunday April 18th, 50 events are taking place across Lebanon, which aim to present the 39 Arab young authors come from many Arab countries (and sometimes non Arab countries) to the public. The events are moderated by Arab intellectuals, renown authors and journalists. Among the 39 selected authors is Samar Yazbek, author of Cinnamon (Ra’ihat al qirfah), Clay (Silsal) and the soon to be published Stories of dust (Hikayat al ghubar). Among the moderators is Jabbour Douaihy, author of June rain (Matar Hzayran) and Ayn Warda (Ayn Warda).

To know more about this event and to download the program, go to the Hay festival’s website.

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