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“Breathtaking” and “Magnificent” is how The Brooklyn Rail describes Khalifa’s “No one prayed over their graves”!

A review by John Domini for The Brooklyn Rail, Published September 2023
From the first, the Syrian novelist Khaled Khalifa scores his latest for full orchestra. The opening page considers the grim aftermath of a devastating Euphrates flood, not far from Aleppo, back in 1907, and it summons every instrument, from tuba to triangle, in a rising crescendo of sorrow:” Before Mariana Nassar lost consciousness, she saw the bodies of her mother, her father, and her four brothers and sisters floating on the river alongside others she recognized: her neighbor and …

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Khalifa’s “No one prayed over their graves” is on the longlist of the National Book Award!

The National Book Award, New York, announced its longlist. The shortlist will be revealed on October 3rd, and the winner announced on November 15.
Khaled Khalifa’s “No one prayed over their graves”, translated by Leri Price, published by FSG in the USA is amongst the longlisted. Khalifa’s previous novel “Death is hard work” was shortlisted to the National Book Award in 2019.
Publishers submitted a total of 154 books for the 2023 National Book Award for Translated Literature.

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Created in 2013, the Lagardere-IMA Award for Arabic literature is one of the rare French prizes dedicated to Arabic literary creation. The award of 10,000 EUR promotes the work of a writer, citizen of one of the countries of the Arab league, translated into, or originally written in, French, between September 2022 and September 2023.
Samar Yazbek’s “La demeure du vent” (The wind’s abode,translated by Khaled Osman et Ola Mehanna) published by Stock, as well as Mansoura Ezeldin’s “Les jardins de Basra” (The orchards of Basra, translted into French by Philippe Vigreux) …

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“Through its intimacy and grace” a “heart-wrenching” novel – Khalifa’s last novel in the Chicago Review of Books

The Chicago Review of Books recommends Khalifa’s “No one prayed over their graves” as one of the 12 must reads of July! By Michael Welch, July 5, 2023
From the National Book Award finalist Khaled Khalifa comes the story of two friends whose lives are altered by a flood that devastates their Syrian village. On a December morning in 1907, Hanna and Zakariya return to their village near Aleppo to discover that their neighbors and families have all tragically died in a massive flood. The traumatic event forever changes Hanna, who …

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Published by ORIENT XXI, on July 7 2023
Hisham navigates in a dream between contemporary Cairo and 8th-century Basra, where Islamic thought is taking shape. In this parallel world, he encounters his doppelganger, Yazid, who frequents the circle of rationalist theologians. With “The Gardens of Basra,” Egyptian novelist Mansoura Ez-Eldin brings back illustrious characters from Islamic history to engage in a dialogue with the living.